blue feather

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This was what I wore when I hosted a school event for one last time. I chose royal blue because it was really a hit at the time (this was back in 2009). I love how I was able to find a matching blue feather as head dress, because it made me feel like one of the royalties in Europe.

I’ve hosted a couple of programs in school but this one is different, so far it has been the best! Basing things from guests’ reactions, I hope they felt the same way too. Here are some of my proud moments last night
*Ka Dan (during the program): Kayo ulit ang maghost next year ah. You’re doing a great job.
*Ka Dan (before I went home): *Shake hands* Congratulations! Ayos.
*Dean: *Shake hands* Ok kayo ah.
*School President: *Thumbs up*
A few guests congratulated us too.
I am so happy that my parents were there to witness it.

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