nurses' bowling cup

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I worked as a nurse in Bustos Community Hospital. I was not really familiar with the place because even though I grew up in Bulacan, we were actually based in Batangas for the longest time. When my colleagues from the hospital invited me and my bespren pinsan to play bowling with them, we went for it.


The bowling alley is located at Baliuag Bulacan near NE Mart. Unlike other bowling alleys, they are not so strict with the 'bowling shoes' policy so we just used whatever footwear we had on at that time.



The rates were really reasonable, I could actually classify it as cheap. If I remember it correctly, it was just 60Php per head and that was multiple games.



We had so much fun fooling around and competing with each other. It was a debreather that we all needed at that time considering all the stress from workload in the hospital.


Aside from bowling they also have tables for table tennis and they offer a variety of food choices.


Up to now I am so thrilled everytime that I get a chance to bowl. I won't classify myself as a good player but I really enjoy this sport and it doesn't really matter if you're good at it or not so as long as you are having fun, right?

The Flying Mermaid