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The Flying Mermaid

My sister and I went for a run at the Quezon City Memorial Circle early this morning. We burned a couple of fats and yet was very hungry so we decided to have a sumptuous breakfast. I mean, what the heck, we already run for it we deserved a breakfast reward. Lol!



Since we were already in the vicinity, we drove along the long food haven of Maginhawa Street.  My workmate showed me "The Breakfast Table" because she finds the concept of denim pants for place mat as a unique idea. We went there and absolutely fell in love with the place. It was artsy artsy and all. They used blue bottles for accent and blue buckets as lamp shades. It was very creative. And as I have said they were using denim pants for table mats. Unlucky for us the place was packed when we came so we only get to use the normal cloth table mats.


The service was efficient and there was nothing that I didn't particularly like in the area.



They only have a small menu. I ordered for a savory french toast which has ham, mushroom, and cheese as fillings alongside with a taho shake. Yup you read that right, taho shake. The meal also comes with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber salad. Plus rootcrop chips.


My sister, on the other hand, had the TBT ham and cheese which came with same sides as mine. She paired her meal with a hazelnut coffee. She didn't like the food much because they used pudding which is too sweet for her but other than that we enjoyed every single thing they served us today.


The server left the coffee maker with us which means we could help ourselves and make the coffee as we like it. It was served with fresh milk, white and muscovado sugar. The serving was good for two.


All in all, it was a breakfast worth driving for.


And! Have a look! The bill came in denim! :) The prices listed below may not be accurate but that is how I remember it.
Savory French Toast - 180 Pesos
TBT Ham and Cheese - 215 Pesos
Taho Shake - 60 Pesos
Hazelnut Coffee - 99 Pesos
Hope you had as nice breakfast as I had today.

The Flying Mermaid