kowloon house

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My to-go place for the wee hours of the night is a no brainer, Kowloon House. They are open 24/7 and has 2 branches near my place. My favorite are their dimsums. They are so juicy and tasty especially when paired with chili garlic paste. I love how it became a favorite for me and my boyfriend. Most of the time when we don't know where to eat, we go to Kowloon.

Last night I was having really bad dysmenorrhea so I wanted to eat some hot soup. I went to Kowloon House with my sister and ordered a beef wanton noodle soup. Though I don't really eat the noodles, I still like having them on my plate. Weird, whatever. I felt better after having my share of this delish soup.

How about you? What's your to-go place for food?

The Flying Mermaid